Speak up – Never accept domestic violence

Never accept domestic violence & speak up
Speak up

Alka and Rajesh have been married for two years. They had an arranged marriage fixed by their families. After the honeymoon period of about four months, Alka gradually came to terms with the real self of her husband. 

Rajesh was a hardcore alcoholic. Only during the initial months of the marriage, he managed to hide his severe drunken habits from Alka, out of societal fear. But when he joined his services for his job in a different town, he let go of his inhibition in the company of his colleagues and also his friends.

Late-night drink parties were a ritual for Rajesh, who often returned home heavily drunk, only to fight with Alka and beat her up when she confronted him to stay away from such parties. The fights were affecting their marital relationship.

Alka hated the smell of the liquor. So she used to sleep in a different room peacefully when Rajesh returned home in the usual inebriated state. This further escalated the anger of Rajesh, who considered Alka nothing more than a doormat.

All the complaints about him to the family members fell on deaf ears, as even their parents told Alka to accept it as her destiny, particularly her in-laws. While her parents were not ready to bring her back home, as there were two younger sisters of Alka to be married off.

For the first year or so, Rajesh remained normal at least during the day, going to work on time, and fulfilling his house duties like paying for electricity and house rent, etc. But off late, he lost his interest in going to work, which resulted in him being fired by his boss from the workplace. 

It was a nightmare for Alka now, who bore the brunt of Rajesh’s illogical behavior day in and day out, as he started drinking during the day also. He threatened her not to complain about him to anyone, as he badly used to beat her up when she tried to reform him.

In this household, a housemaid called Indu dreaded coming to work. But for the concern of the lady of the house, Indu used to come here regularly. One day, she pressed the doorbell thrice, with no response. Indu stood there hopefully. After pressing for the fifth time, the door opened.

“Oh my God, Alka Bhabhi, just look at yourself.” Indu shuddered upon seeing Alka’s condition, who could barely walk with bruises all over her body and face.

“Come in quickly and lock the door behind, Rajesh is not at home,” said Alka.

“So relieved to know that Bhaiya is not around today. He has beaten you so badly, I just can’t imagine how one can do so. Well, this is the day I was waiting for so long. Bhabhi, I insist that you dial up 100 or 112, for your welfare. I’m backing you up. Bhaiya deserves to be put behind the bars, for domestic violence.”

Alka feebly tried to talk but couldn’t. Indu seemed to be devastated and said, “Why not call up the society members too here? They have full right to know about you and your husband. The other days, Bhaiya used to silence you and me for not telling anything to the world. But today I have made up my mind to expose him.” 

Saying that Indu dials the 100 number herself on Alka’s phone, and hands it back to Alka. ” Bhabhi if you have faith in yourself and love yourself too, you will forever end this torture.”

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Speak up – Never accept domestic violence

“Hello, police… ” Alka continued as she mustered up the courage to speak.

Within minutes the society members were informed and they too, along with the police, reached Alka’s flat. Her husband Rajesh too returned in an hour or so, and was arrested and taken away by the police.

“OMG… I can not believe that a beast was residing in our building. Thank you, ladies, for finally speaking up and sending the monster to jail.” Mr. Singh, the housing society President said.

The society members and Alka thanked Indu profusely for taking up a brave stand.

“Why thank me, when you all together could have done it much before? After all, what’s the point in suffering for so long? Give value to yourself and live happily.” Indu told them.

Society people left the place by now. Indu helped Alka to take a bath, and also prepared a meal for her, before leaving.

“Alka bhabhi, have your lunch and go to sleep, you will feel much better, take care and bye.”

-Shashi Thakur

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