Domestic Violence (Acrostic)

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

D-oes everyone know the word violence means

O-r people is just blind to see?

M-atter like this should need attention to stop and let everyone live free like a dove.

E-veryone deserves to be treated well with respect and fair judgment

S-preading good deeds, kindness, sympathy, and empathy to one another.

T-hough helping hands we can fight this tragedy

I-nclude yourselves to be their remedy.

C-asting for the freedom of one soul is a humanitarian act and honorable.

V-igilant people care for every bit of crime

I-nnerself of them will take apart

O-r atleast to be the voice of those victims traumatized.

L-ove others the way how you love yourself

E-levate those suffering from their hard time

N-ever ignore nor judge what they experience

C-reate good deeds to stop this violence

E-njoy the life of being a good Samaritan for all victims and break the chain of being abusive…

-Veronica Pingol

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