Ice cream

Characters : 

1) Black currant ice cream

2) Child

Ice cream
Ice cream

We can’t be ice cream in everyone’s life. Though if we are ice cream in their life also, it doesn’t have any guarantee that we will be their favourite ice cream forever in their life.

Every ice cream is liked by somebody. Same, every ice cream is gonna melt. But, the one thing is, ice creams are ice creams no matter who likes or dislikes them.

Be an ice cream, who doesn’t care about everybody’s acceptance.

There lived a black currant ice cream at a time. Many people had visited it but no one bothers to buy it.

It was just kept in the cooler. After a while, a child buys it. That child shows a great amount of affection for the ice cream through her eyes. Everything has its worth.

Same the waiting for the child had its worth, thereby seeing the child’s eyes.

Many people cross us like clouds cross in the sky, as the sky doesn’t care about it, we shouldn’t also care about it. 

As the ice cream also doesn’t care about those by-walkers. When someone leaves us, they’re not ours. Don’t expect anything, because expected things happen at an unexpected time.

Wait and enjoy the surprise like this ice cream children. You like ice cream na, so, be like this ice cream children. Be happiest and wait for the happiest moment always without worrying as you also will be treasured.

Live for you , work for you, eat for you, drink for you. Because nobody cares about you really. Always work hard children, and learn many new things. 

And in this story, we saw about ice cream and a child. We may be like this  Ice cream at times, yearning for something or maybe, we may be like this child, helping others.

Thus we may face both the happiest and sad things in our life. So, enjoy the happenings children. Always spread positivity and always be healthy.

– Pavithra Srinivasan 

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