In Love- I’m a favorite of myself ❤

In Love
In Love

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Most of the time, the girls as well as the grown-up ladies, shun the idea of self-love, thinking that it’s too selfish. But in reality, it is the best trait for anyone. Just think of it, if you can’t love yourself in the first place, how can you expect others to love you?

“Mai khud ki favorite hun.”

In Love- I’m a favorite of myself ❤

(I’m a favorite of myself)- In Love

Exclaimed Neha, a happy-go-lucky girl, who finally came to terms with the loss of her both parents’ death due to a bus accident, during her childhood. She miraculously survived that fatal accident, when the bus fell down from a hilly area. Since then her paternal uncle Shri. Gautam and his family took care of her upbringing.

Not interested in the studies anymore, after her 12th-grade results, she joined a one-year-long tailoring course, from a vocational training center. And she excelled in that course.

She happily took orders from her home to stitch all kinds of ladies’ dresses for the women in her neighborhood, her uncle also provided her with a sewing machine. This made her earn a decent amount of money for herself. Till a circumstance led her way into the posh colony of her city.

Neha now worked as a highly-skilled tailor at a boutique run by a fashion designer named Amar Thakkar. She was well versed in not just sewing clothes, but also with the job of stitching embroidery. Coming from a middle-class family she had readily agreed to work in the boutique that offered her good payment. She did so on the recommendation of her uncle, who had to leave the job there due to his ill-health.

Amar was a well-established designer in the city, with a no-nonsense attitude toward his work. He had an eye for detail and the best quality finishing was his hallmark, in the market for ladies’ formal wear (and also bridal wear, during the wedding season). The staff of about a dozen or so worked for him full-time at his huge bungalow. His parents were generous enough to let him start his business from the home itself.

When Amar met Neha for the first time, he had apprehensions about her ability. After all, she had joined his team in place of her ailing uncle, a trusted employee himself. Besides, Amar had the opinion that only men were the best in the job of stitching clothes, even if it was for the ladies. In his boutique, all of the tailors were gents.

But Neha was an exception, he soon realized that. As for Neha, she was as devoted to her work as her uncle was. She used to follow Amar’s instructions, as well as the client’s suggestions perfectly, thus impressing him right from the start.

Everyone loved her jovial attitude. In this business, there is always a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, and not to lose the trust of the clients. But Neha simply dismissed it off, as she would often say this to her co-workers.

Bro… don’t worry at all!”

How she handled out and even loved the pressures of the profession, Amar gotta see it during a fashion show. He had spent sleepless nights in designing, and then in the preparation for the fresh collection of dresses, and all the nitty-gritty, along with all the tailors, including Neha.

But though tired, Neha was as excited as a schoolgirl for the fashion event. In the dressing room of the show’s venue, Amar took her along to coordinate with the stylist, in dressing up the models. And there she was jumping with joy most of the time, much to everyone’s amusement.

It was only a year later that Amar started nurturing feelings for Neha, despite her plain looks, despite the social class barriers between both of them. Amar hailed from an affluent upper-middle-class family. But her smile, her very presence filled him with positivity. Even when she was not around, thoughts about her made him feel happy.

Amar In Love
Amar In Love

Appearance-wise, Amar was no less a model himself, as he easily charmed the ladies not just by his great sense of dressing but by his polished behavior too. So, he had plenty of female friends, because of the nature of his profession, but he was not emotionally involved with any of them.

At the boutique, he used to maintain a friendly atmosphere with all his staff, who respected him greatly for this, and so did Neha.

For Neha, Amar was nothing more than a benevolent employer. She never looked beyond that, his handsome looks or polite demeanor. As she was always engrossed in her work, as long as she remained on the premises.

After months of battling with his emotions, Amar finally mustered up the courage to talk to Neha. He was about to call her in his office but was surprised to see her enter unexpectedly. She looked very anxious.

“Sir… I need a day off. My uncle became unconscious today. So, he has been shifted to a hospital.”

“What? Wait… come with me. I also need to know about his condition.” Amar got worried after knowing that. 

And he immediately took out his car and insisted Neha sit beside him, to go to the hospital. At this juncture, she could not refuse and accompanied him along.

After spending an hour there, Amar, Neha, her Chachi, and two teenage sons came to know from the doctors that Shri. Gautam was suffering from the first stage of Cancer. It was shocking news for them, as they all looked at each other’s faces in disbelief.

The first thought that crossed the mind of Neha’s Chachi was the cost of the treatment of cancer. Her sons were still quite young to start earning, the elder one was in the 11th class and the younger one was in the 8th grade. Tears had started rolling down her cheeks. Neha tried hard to comfort her. Amar also sat beside to explain to her calmly.

“Aunty ji… have patience, it’s the 1st stage, Uncle ji will be fine soon.”

“But beta, where will I arrange lakhs of rupees for the treatment.” Saying that the aunt continued to sob.

Taking her hand into his, Amar confessed,

Don’t worry Auntyji, as long as I’m here.”

Hearing that, everyone was staring at Amar, who quickly got up to rush to the doctor’s cabin. Neha followed him quickly too.

” Dear Doctor… I, Amar Thakkar, on behalf of Shri Gautam’s family, want to say that you can admit him to the Cancer ward and go ahead with his treatment, without further delay. I’m fully ready to finance his entire treatment.”

I assure you Mr. Thakkar that Mr. Gautam will receive the best possible care and treatment for Cancer, in our hospital,” said Dr. Harish Tiwari, who was attending to Neha’s uncle.

After getting the Doctor’s assurance Amar made a hasty exit. Listening to what she had heard just then, Neha again followed him, trying to match up with his steps.

Amar had urgent work to attend to. One client was waiting for him at his office, that’s why he was in a hurry. Somehow, Neha managed to interrupt him at the hospital’s parking lot and asserted.

“Sir… what’s all this? Why are you taking the trouble to pay for Uncle’s treatment? I can always ask for money from my relatives, spread all over the town.”

” What…? Are you mad? How long will it take for you to go asking for help? Besides, Uncle needed urgent treatment, before it was too late. I’m in a hurry, dear. You and your folks can stay up for some time with Uncle.” Sitting in his car, Amar told her.

But Sir, umm… you shouldn’t have done this, I would never be able to pay you back…”

Neha was desperate to say something more but was abruptly cut short by Amar. For the first time, she had annoyed him, but he had no choice. Angrily he blurted out at her.

” Shut up just shut up, will you? Isn’t he special for me too? I’m providing money with love… take it or else take a tight slap from me…”

I’m not scared of a slap, Saheb… but I am scared of love….” Calmly Neha replied.

By exchanging such heavy filmy dialogues, both of them started laughing unknowingly, making the atmosphere a bit lighter between them. Sensing the opportunity right, and by looking into her eyes, Amar expressed his long-suppressed feelings for Neha.


Not knowing what to say next, and being in a hurry he sped off in his car, winking at Neha and leaving her stunned. Not that she hadn’t got an inkling before, as she had heard a word of praise for herself from Amar, through her co-workers in the boutique. With a smile and blush on her face, she walked back into the hospital.

man with red rose in hand sitting at wooden table
In Love

The next morning Amar arrived to meet Shri. Gautam. He greeted him with a flower bouquet and stealthily presented a red rose to Neha, with a warm smile. The glances both of them exchanged with each other had said it all, as they had embarked on a new journey, a new relationship. 👩‍❤️‍👨

-Shashi Thakur

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