Breast Cancer- A Fear 

Breast Cancer- A Fear 
Breast Cancer- A Fear 

Let me not travel from the traumas of your yore! 

Let me not recollect the heartbreaking moments of mammography

Let me not listen to echoes of the declaration of doctors

Let me not take a trip down  the memory lane

Let me not visit the wards, 

where I was forced to stare at those naive eyes 

They poured so many questions about their future

Let me not utter the word – chemotherapy 

Let me look at the mirror 

Let me be proud of my breasts 

Nectar-like milk surged from me 

After all, I am the mother of two youngsters 

I can proudly flaunt my chest as a warrior

After the surgery, I am a survivor

And I have won the battle against all odds

Let me embrace life instead of stillness

Dr Sudipta Mishra 

Breast Cancer- A Fear 

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