A Tree of Reminiscence – 9 Days Festival

A Tree of Reminiscence - 9 Days Festival
Maa Durga - 9 Days Festival
A Tree of Reminiscence - 9 Days Festival by Soumya Barli

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A Tree of Reminiscence - 9 Days Festival
Maa Durga – 9 Days Festival

It is time to revere Goddess Durga .
9 days festival celebrated by Hindus-with a great fervour,
None can be a mere observer,
The nine forms of mother Durga, celebrated as Dasara,
She is boundless and an eternal source of energy of this universe,

It is to revel and celebrate victory of good over evil ;
It is time to relight and make dreams come true,
It is the time to rekindle as the prayers & meditation connects us with our spirit;
It invokes positive qualities within us.
Drives away laziness, pride and aversions.
Lets praise and worship divine navadurgas Adi Shakti- Maa Shailputri ,a reincarnation of
Goddesses Sati.
Maa Brahmacharini who is mother of devotion and penance ;
Devi Chandraghanta who is “Destroyer of demons”.
Devi Kushmanda who produced cosmic egg
Devi Skandamata – blesses children and motherhood.
Devi Katyayani is known for having power & courage.
Siddhidatri is known for fulfilling desires and true knowledge.

It is time to replenish by decorating navaratri Mandir,
Day one navadurga in white attire with red hibiscus theme
Day two navadurga in vibrant shades of red with chrysanthemums
Day three devi in royal blue attire and lotuses.
Day four devi dressed in yellow saree and rose flowers
Day five devi dressed in green saree and marigold flowers
Day six devi dressed in grey, withbutterfly pea & white frangipani
Day seven devi dressed in orange decorated with passion flower
Day eight devi dressed in peacock green with red oleander
Day nine devi dressed in pink with crepe jasmine

9 Days Festival, 9 days of Celebration!

-Soumya Barli

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