Special Healthy Navratri Recipes to feast upon :::::

Navratri Recipes
Navratri Recipes
Special Navratri Recipes to feast upon... by Ashu Verma Chaubey

Navratri both Chaitra and Sharadiya is considered one the most important Hindu festivals and fasting during this period has not only religious but spiritual and health benefits too. Though these fasts are a bit restrictive in nature still there is a lot one can prepare using the limited items available to satiate one’s taste buds these days.

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First of all, let’s discuss the healthiest options of Navratri Recipes first ::::

One can begin one’s day with lemon water and honey. This not only cleanses and purifies the system but gives energy too. After one is done with the morning rituals you can feast upon milk with soaked dry fruits, fruits, sauteed paneer, roasted peanuts, and Makhana(fox nuts). Alternatively, one can slice a Banana in a bowl, add curd to it and sprinkle some rock salt and cumin powder. It fills one’s tummy and is good to keep the digestive system going on smoothly too. Also, it supplies all the nutrients and proteins required for a healthy breakfast.

Always remember fasting is the period to eat less and healthy food. It doesn’t mean devouring upon fried wafers and sweets all the time. This does more harm than good. For lunch, one can have Sabudana(Sago) khichdi or samaa rice khichdi with amaranth flour curry, along with a pack of greens and salads.

To prepare Sabudana khichdi::

Soak Sabudana overnight and strain it and keep it over a dry cloth so that the water is absorbed and it dries up. In a pan dry roast peanuts and coarsely grind them. Then take some Ghee(Clarified butter), add jeera, curry leaves, and finely cut potatoes. Add a bit of salt and let the potatoes cook. Add raisins and melon seeds, jeera(Cumin) powder, green chilies, sabudana, peanut powder, desiccated coconut powder, lemon juice, a spoonful of sugar, and salt to taste. Cover it and allow it to cook on low flame. Continue stirring in between. ‘Yummy’ Sabudana khichdi will almost be ready in seven to eight minutes.

To prepare Samaa Rice khichdi::

You can either prepare plain khichdi by just tempering cumin in ghee and then adding some green chilies and soaked samaa rice. Add about two and half times water and salt and cook it for about ten minutes while stirring in between. Alternatively, you can also add, curry leaves, chopped potatoes, or bottle gourd to it.

For preparing the amaranth flour curry just add a small spoon of amaranth flour or the water chestnut flour whatever you have, to a bowl of curd and whisk it. Now put ghee in a pan. Add cumin, curry leaves, chopped green chilies, and then the whisked curd. Bring it to a boil and then simmer for about five minutes, meanwhile adding rock salt and a bit of jaggery. ‘Yummy’ samaa khichdi and curry will be ready in minutes.

For dinner, you can have paranthas made of a mixture of amaranth, water chestnut, and buckwheat flour. You can either grate bottle gourd, pumpkin, potato, or yam or crush some paneer. Add finely chopped green chilies, salt, cumin, and flour mix to it. Add water and make a dough that’s neither too soft nor too tight.

Now on a plastic sheet cut out of the ghee or milk packet apply some ghee. Make a medium-sized roll of the dough and put it on the sheet and flatten it with your hands. In the meantime heat the tawa. On the heated tawa, put the flattened roti and cook it properly on a low to medium flame. Apply a bit of ghee while the roti is still on the tawa and cook it properly on both the sides. You can relish it with curd or shrikhand.

Alternatively you can make plain rotis out of this flour and savour them with vegetables of your choice ( the options vary from pumpkin, potato, raw banana, and yam). These recipes are quick to prepare, easy to digest, and good for health.

Navratri Recipes
Navratri Recipes

Avoid using refined sugars. Be sure not to include too many fried foods in your diet, as it is not at all
a healthy option. Believe me, food tastes good without frying too.
Happy Fasting with these special Navratri recipes…
Jai Mata Di..

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

Navratri Recipes

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