I remember when I was in high school that I loved to travel very much, and it certainly made me happy to share all those events and sights with everyone. I never thought or dreamed that I was better than others just because I thought that Prague was great and that the excursion would be great. When I visit this great and magnificent city, I realize that it is made of sacred historians, which will undoubtedly remain special to me and make me feel special in tourism.


For me, Prague is the centre of my world because I’ve never been there before and certainly this experience made me realize that the world is special and that the love I feel every day is getting stronger and stronger. I am certainly special in all of this because, for me, Prague is a land of happiness and kindness, where people always give good food and the best beer in the world, which is drunk regularly and shows that nothing is wasted.

I’m just afraid that Prague is the most magnificent city in the world because it gives off a sense of freedom and beauty, because love for this city really gives maximum beauty in everything, and Prague is also a city that gives beauty at night. When everything stopped, I always said that regardless of everything, only love could save us all from evil itself and that it was the cause of stagnation. I still want to visit this city, even though I was there a few days ago.

A good memory for me is that in Prague I met a lot of people from that city and really visited museums, but what impressed me the most were the parties and the times that could always be so charming and special. I also think that Prague is a city that is as special as the Czech Republic because it has always given me a sense of freedom and peace more than ever before, and that is why I still have memories in photos that I cherish immensely.

My endless sense of finding new ways to stay happy is my goodness I am so happy and also that the sequence of life makes me so happy, and I still want to experience this amazing journey of life.

Since then, I have met many people with a good sense of living in Prague, as well as many pumpkins in fields and villages. I think that this city means a ton to me since I also want to stay happy and stay good more than ever. Prague, which is also a tourist destination, has a meridian that I am perplexed about because that amazing sense of life means so much to me.

Every day of my life, I expect to be happy and blossom. Prague makes me so happy since I also want to visit my homeland, and I hope one day to visit, be just who I am, and stay blessed every single day. Prague is a good city too because it has some good places to visit, to take pictures, and to make memories in your hand, and also to visit many monuments and many cities in other countries.

I also pray to God that I will be able to visit many and many good countries in the future, but for now, this is the best city I have ever seen, and I hope that next year I will be able to visit many and many good countries, because for me, every city is good, and every city makes me very happy since I am so happy for these things.

-Maid Corbic

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