Navratri Food (Sattvic Food) – Day 2

Navratri Food
Navratri Food
Navratri Food - Day 2 by Radhika Malhotra

The second day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Sati or Goddess Brahmacharini. As in many places, people kept fast during these nine days. We know that India is a land of flavours. These flavours can be seen in the food that is being served or eaten by the fasting people. The use of wheat is not allowed in fasting food.

Some people only eat fruits during Navratri fasting while some people took one time meal specially prepared for fasting. It includes various things like Kuttu Ki Puri, aloo ki tikki, Singhade Ka Halwa, Singhare Ke Pakore, and Sabudana Khichdi.

Navratri Food
Navratri Food

Navratri Food Rules: What to Eat and what not to eat during Navratri Fasting.

  1. Normal grains like wheat and rice are not allowed during Navratri fasting. You should eat Kuttu ka Atta (buckwheat flour) or Singhare ka Atta (chestnut flour) during Navratri fastings. Samai Ke Chawal to replace rice in making khichdi and kheer. Sabudana is another food during Navratri that can be used in making kheer, and papads.
  2. In Navratri Fasts, you can eat all types of fruits. Some devotees fast only fruits and milk for all these nine days i.e. Only Falahaar.
  3. During the period of Navratri fasting, most of the devotees consume vegetables like – potatoes, sweet potato, arbi, kachalu, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, bottle gourd, cucumber, carrots, etc. The use of onion and garlic is restricted during the Navratri Fasts.
  4. Regular table salt is not consumed during Navratri fasts. Use alternative rock salt or sendha namak for cooking purposes.

These days Navratri food is specially packaged like chips, Namkeen, and dry fruit mixers specially prepared for fasts are easily available in the market. Those observing a fast by consuming only one meal a day must break their fast only after sunset, while those on a fruit/milk diet can eat only sattvic food at regular intervals.

Navratri is an auspicious festival for the Hindus and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zest among the people.

-Radhika Malhotra

Navratri Food

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