A Letter to my Daughter 

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A Letter to my Daughter
A motivating, fighting spirit letter to daughter on Daughter's Day by Sudipta Mishra
A Letter to my Daughter 
A Letter to my Daughter

Oh dear, let me veil your lovely face  

Vultures are roaming around the world

In the guise of angels, they are here 

Oh, hear, my baby doll, 

don’t you believe in their sugary verses 

With naked eyes, they are here like monsters, 

Like a spider web, they will trap your innocence

For sure they will bring you a  rupture 

So think twice before believing in their fake chatters  

This world is full of liers 

Worry no more my dear,

Be strong like a warrior

Move on and smash your wrongdoers…

-Sudipta Mishra

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