Nutrition is food at work
Nutrition, an informative blog by our Guest Blogger Swati Bhargava who also happens to be a Nutritionist and Dietitian

Food has been a basic part of our existence, an integral part of our lives. By knowing the components of food, the nutritional value of food is known.

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We cannot live without food for more than a few days. Our body needs certain substances called as nutrients, which are essential for proper functioning and for maintaining a healthy nutritional status, and certain substances we get from food that we eat. Eating healthy food ensures the growth and maintenance of good health. 


Nutrition is the sum total or we can say a combination of all these processes by which living beings receive and utilize materials, necessary for the maintenance of their functions and growth and renewal of their components.

In other words, the process by which the body utilizes food is called nutrition. ‘Nutrition is food at work.’ So, food plays an important role in the maintenance of health.

To get the right nutrients, we need to eat the right food, what are we eating, what are we drinking, and in what quantity. Its effect on our body. 

Eating the right food, in the right amounts ensures good nutrition and good health.

Nutrition is food at work

The food we eat is used by our body for the process of digestion, absorption, transport, storage, metabolism, and elimination for the purpose of maintenance of life, development and normal functioning of organs, and production of energy. And it is very important for us to know that according to our body, how much quantity of nutrients is required in our food. It is also very important for us to know that there are 4 pillars to being healthy.

  1. Good Nutrients

2. Good sleep

3. Regular Exercise

4. Positive Attitude

We understand this with an example, a chair has four legs, if one leg is broken, will the chair remain properly as it was before, will you be able to sit on it? We will not be able to sit, just like this, how can we lack anything for our good health?

For good nutrition, I wrote earlier that it is very important to have good nutrients in the food, according to the requirement of our body. As it is seen nowadays that the desire to lose weight has increased, because of some advertisement or because of half the information, eating less food reduces weight.

But the weakness comes and the face starts looking weak or sick, this is because the nutrients are not available as per the requirement of the body. How many calories to take with the right nutrients? Weight should be according to age and height, for this we can make a diet chart with the right dietitians.

Now we talk about why it is necessary to have good sleep, an adult person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep, which is too deep sleep. For the growth of the body, keeping the digestion process right, healthy skin, mental growth, and complete rest is very important for the body.

To keep the body fit, it is necessary to exercise for 45 minutes daily, to keep the body energetic, and to keep bones strong in old age. Exercise can be any walk or yoga meditation or gym within the time limit but do not even think that more exercise will be of more benefit, it does not happen that it can also have wrong results.

And keep your thinking positive and be happy Those who are happy, their face shines like a rose in bloom. Negative things make the mind and face sad, do not allow it to move forward, and reduce confidence. It also affects health somewhere, so keep positive thinking in everything.

The right information is very important for good health too. Nowadays due to social media people do not understand what is right and what is not.

Good health is our true friend, this friend is very important, if it is with us, then everyone is together, that’s why stay healthy, stay cool🙂👍

-Swati Bhargava

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