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The Monarchy

Since Queen Elizabeth is gone, life seems to have become so gloomy and gray because nothing is as it used to be, that they are looking forward to the new events that she brought to the English people, and all that they dreamed of having is at last got.

What difficult times follow and continue to cast a shadow on some old memories of when she was sacred, and now there is only a hole and sadness because no one like her exists. She loved people and thought that justice must also be done to the living, for one day they will live when people realize what they have around them, and she also tried, despite everything, to be an ordinary woman and a person who made a difference in the lives of the people and the nation in a short time. a role model.

Over her reign of 70 years and 214 days, the longest of any British monarch and the longest recorded of any female head of state in history, she certainly succeeded in creating all possible boundaries and interweaving of love, because she was definitely the best and most beautiful thing for everyone.

Europeans leave floral tributes at the Cambridge Gate, the entrance to the grounds of Windsor Castle, West of London, on September 9, 2022, a day after Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. Pic Courtesy: Google

Certainly, we in Europe miss such a person because she was truly everything and the kind of person who certainly gave hope, even when it was not her for many, that one day it would be, as it was said, that peace would rule the world and that fewer people like poltroons would rule this country.

The weaver of life certainly believed that she must take care of the community and that, as a woman, she would be strong and share her love with everyone just because she was a woman ready for a new life and the ideas she wanted to realize.

She certainly had the soul to tell everyone what was bothering her, what was hurting her, but first of all, she wanted to show everyone around her that, as a monarchist woman, she is ordinary and loves her people just the way they are, which is a priceless thing. She believed that all darkness is followed by light, and only love can justify everything that she is, and she believed that it existed in all of us, even though it was often hidden and incomprehensible to all of us.

The Monarchy
The Monarchy

The Monarchy did not cry on that fateful day when they found out that the queen had died like the good people, because a good woman left the world and the sadness in the world is felt in Europe and in all countries of the world.

The last odes and fasts are always given, and it’s really sad to say that person is no more, but life flows and goes on, and we have to be strong because life often puts something on us to understand some things. Because still, she will not disappear from our hearts as long as she lives and we continue to remember her goodness and her deeds for humanity.

As a woman with the narrowest now in the kingdom of a country, it is commendable to say that she is also a special woman who ever walked the world and gave the children ideas to overcome all the obstacles they have ever felt because her love was special and never stops and will not stop while we still feel love and care, compassion from a few letters and words that unite the world.

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The world seeks the best love, and we must share ideals and life forever since the queen is dead and patrols of freedom, and people cry just like me because she was a good woman who ever sought this magnificent world to share goodness, love, and respect for all.

-Maid Corbic

The Monarchy

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