My dear Tom—

My dear Tom---
My dear Tom---
My dear Tom--- by S Afrose
My dear Tom---
My dear Tom—

I love you so much

When you were a little one

You played with me

You were my doll.

Yes — it’s Tom

My pet— a Dog

I love him like a friend

We’re making new trend.

He can understand my emotions

Whether I’m in a happy or sad condition

He tries to cheer up my mind

I can’t hold up that sad motion.

Me with Tom

A wonderful connection

I can’t express this feeling

There’s not a hidden zone.

Tom is acting as my Friend

From early stage to this step

Now I’m a younger one I also can’t make so much time.

When I get a moment Tom comes with a sad face

There are lots of vibrations I can feel his emotions.

I cuddle him tightly

I tell — Nothing is like that

You are always my best friend

I love you at each stage.

-S Afrose

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