The Beauty of India (Story)

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The beauty of India - Through the travelers' eyes
A story of the memorable journey to India By Athira A.
Beauty of India
Trip to India

Mark Peter and Martin Peter, two Australian brothers set forth for a month-long trip to India, ‘The Jewel in the Crown.’ As they had already heard oodles of praises about Mahatma’s nation, both landed in the country with great expectations.

And their imaginations didn’t fail. Though India, being a developing nation, seemed to be a little backward in terms of amenities, the aura of her geography could easily win over their hearts. From the hectic work days in Australia, they had reached the perfect destination to relax and relish.

The sky-high mountain ranges, tea and coffee plantations, rubber estates, wheat and paddy fields – all were brimmed with special pulchritude as they welcomed the foreign guests. Brothers who used to dwell in five-star buildings had a fresh experience by sleeping on mats and eating from leaf plates.

Amid the journey to the next spot, they encountered Aman, a young traveller who served as a tourist guide too. He was too keen to aid the guests in the journey ahead. He, being the grandson of a former freedom fighter, turned out the whole trip alive with zillion tales of the Indian freedom struggle. Mark and Martin felt lucky to cross paths with Aman, such a brilliant orator.

Whenever he had to call out them, Aman used ‘Bhaiya’ (Brother) instead of ‘Sir’. And the foreign brothers found it quite heart-warming. They even succeeded in learning basic Hindi from him. One day, Martin asked Aman, “Bhaiya, aap kaise ho?” Hearing him speaking Hindi so fluently, Aman brimmed with elation.

As days passed, the brotherhood among the three also strengthened. Together they ate, played, roamed, and slept. Aman took them to hundreds of tourist spots including the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, and the Holy Ganges.

Trip to India
The beauty of India – Through the travelers’ eyes

Anon, the day arrived when they had to bid adieu to beauteous India. They vowed to revisit the beauty soon. Aman, with a crying heart, accompanied them to the airport. As a formality, Mark took a bundle of notes from his pocket and offered it to Aman. But Aman refused and told, “The brotherhood you showed towards me itself is the best gift I can ever get”.

With their tear-filled eyes, Peter’s brothers hugged Aman and promised, “We will be back soon. You and your country have taught us how a beautiful life looks. Thank you, Bhaiya!”

Athira A.

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