A beautiful depiction in poetic form - Cigarette by KS Acharjee

To split without anyone’s help all to pieces 

 Time and again, for the sake of kissing 

 The poet does not realize in the feeling 

      Like stricken with ague star in the 

          Darkened night as a diffused 

               Dearest, but the poet to

                  Find trace, softened

                  With affection tears 

                      And passionate 



Through its try to settle disputes by sitting 

       Face-to-face newly married women’s 

       Soaked in rain two lip’s lamentations 

                       Which are to split 

                              Till to the 


Even in this case, to play long like rustling 

Leaves without love coating color in the 

      The month of May’s sun and then to be

          Passing throu’ like the flaming 

              Mettle, arrive at the Jaws of

                   Death for increasing

                       The importance 

                       As a martyred 


To bear all, the poet standing still on the

    The Sea-shore to hold the Century’s

          Song in a tight embrace and 

                See sometimes a fire

                    Emitting sprinkle

                          With close 


Kiss silently before the gusty gale, to blow


       First love’s vow of abstaining from 

                      Speech that to get



Again it wants to have stayed into the lower

       Basin of the river as a stony speed 

             Alone to spread out the two 

                 Urgent eyes in the dark 

                       Dreams like the



Bear century’s last stroke that is to appear 


          The loss of life in the concealed 


In that way, there is no settle aspect, name 


To have remained sightless and meaningless

Step and a dazzling flash in the sky like the 

     stars to be startled in the flaming fire, 

            So that it is opened memory’s 

                      Old exuviae in the 

                          Grave and the 



It is like a poem to be hidden in every light


    Thought and to be exhausted, to act of 

          Giving pleasure to the travellers 

                On the way to the destination 

                      Taking an opposite 

                         Hope to spread 

                            Its heart in a 




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