Sounds like Rain
Parched land - Sounds like Rain
A hard-hitting reality, poetry on the Word prompt, nicely portrayed by SkyKidJuan
Sounds like Rain
Parched land – Sounds like Rain

Our children will dream 

Of the sound of rain 

Their children will scream 

And curse us with pain 

If we don’t make earth green

The little left will disappear 

If we ignore what is seen

Beautiful undersea creature will cease to come up here

The oceans will be empty and unpleasant 

Maybe then we’ll face reality

When there’s no earth to rest upon or send a servant 

We’ll cry, we’ll regret, we’ll blame Deity 

Storms of sand will be hard on us, carrying our grain[s]

We’ll wander everywhere , “Do you hear that,” we will say,  “It sounds like Rain.”


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