Celebrating the theme "Revitalization: Collective Action For The Ocean" our Author Maid Corbic has penned a blog OCEANS ARE OUR DEEPEST TREASURES. Do read and share your views...

Revitalization of existence means that every window should be our place where we will show ourselves and love and grow regardless of everything. We are changing this life as we give it and want it. We must say that the world is beautiful no matter how we create it.

Our oceans can be immaculately clean and no matter what we dream of those beautiful places, one day we will imagine our new generations that will need and need to know how to preserve the only plane we have.

The meaning of everything is that we continue to give attention to our children of the world and choose the right ones so that they can develop into beings who will one day teach two children to is cuteness, no matter what we need from them.

Regardless of all the oceans, they still have that stage of revitalization where we can influence people and escape all these conditions before the late for all of us and problems that we create for ourselves by negligence or various existences that everything we say is only temporary and not in the long run of what we all benefit from in the end because the oceans we have today have many wounds and it depends on them what their day will be like.

Man has learned from birth that the recovery of the ocean is very slow but that only joint efforts and actions similar to the fact that people also throw wedding guests into the ocean need to know that all this brings some kind of trouble where each of us will continue to suffer for all those sooner or later.

We must believe that the meaning of the existence of tension is to continue to love and to spread that gram of attention regardless of everything because we still have everything we need to continue to build that world full of respect and love because love must be created in us forever and to share the respect and work we gave to our ancestors who have always been there with us and to rejoice in this new feat that awaits us all one day.

Oceans must be accessible to everyone and that, regardless of everything, we appreciate the moisture we have, because our appreciation of that treasure leads to a meaningful existence that nothing can be taken away from us, and in the end, because we are the creators of our happiness.

We are aware that no matter what, we still have this world woven of goodness and purity, but as people we love, we know that everything we have needs to be long-term and to be especially beautiful for some other people before it’s too late for us.

Alone, we breathe action and other vices that have been in the water for over a million years, develop themselves in the first sense, and never be discouraged just because they are so light, and they are still special and fun in every way because, in all this, they must be the only ones where they will be more resilient than ever.

The meaning of the existence of everything and all of us is to continue to inject a new method of living where each of us should bear the punishment of everything for what he does and that, in the end, it will never be what it is not. That is, sustained people are woven from the real lives of endemic species ready to travel forever through this time of modality. We need to preserve this amazing sense of living forever for the generations that come.

-Maid Corbic


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