Environment- A Major Cause of Concern

Environment - The major cause of concern
Environment - The major cause of concern
Environment- A Major Cause of Concern by Atul Kumar
Environment - The major cause of concern
Environment – The major cause of concern

The environment is the major cause of concern in the current scenario.

As deforestation increases with the increasing population as with increasing population demand for timber doors, furniture, and firewood increases.

The environment is ignored by most people in the name of development. Development is not only making big building development is also doing our environment by utilizing the resource in a sustainable way.

You can protect the environment by switching off the light when you don’t require it when you are outside your home. Environment protection can be done by us, by at least planting a tree in a year so it provides us oxygen and which is very important for our day to day activities.

The environment is composed of different ecosystems and each of these is interdependent on the other.

The environment is the most important thing to talk about.

Habitat destruction is one such concern that leads to a reduction of the tiger population. The Project tiger comes into action in 1973 it help in increasing the tiger population for over a decade.

Project Tiger

The environment is the habitat of we humans as well as other animals. The environment needs to be the most important part of development as it’s also responsible for our food factory. We are required to grow plants for our fruit and vegetable. Agricultural land is also an important source for the economy of the country and the world.

If the air quality in the environment decline it would lead to breathing problem like asthma and other respiratory disorder as there is a lack of oxygen around the world during corona causes a lot of damage.

If we get better food and air it will provide us resistance to disease as compared to those who are not able to get this.

Chipko Andolan one of the major environmental Andolan that take place in Rainy Village of Uttrakhand where people hug the tree to protect it from getting cut.

Environment heals early as we saw during corona we have seen the blue sky in Delhi almost after 20 years due to less combination of fuels and work from home are given by private companies and industry are close during that time.

The environment provides us with food, shelter, and protection against unfavorable conditions so it’s our duty to protect our environment for our good health because when our health is good we can make wealth anytime when we want to earn. 

-Atul Kumar

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