Dads – Our First Heroes

I have penned down my thoughts on one of the most special people in our lives, who's none other than our father, who means everything and the whole world to us. Dads - Our First Heroes
Dads - Our First Heroes
Pic Courtesy: Woman’s day

Fathers traditionally have a significant place in our hearts, as they give meaning to our lives, even if we are more attached to our mothers, with whom the connection starts right from the womb.

But a dad is equally stressed out for the well-being of the newborn and the new mom, right from the postpartum days in the hospital, to the diaper changing days and singing a nighttime lullaby at home.

As the time passes, dads’ fondness for their toddlers’ increases, as they lovingly attend to every nitty-gritty involving the growing up phases.

From giving a bath, dressing up, combing hair, feeding, and playing, to giving toilet training, dads lend out their best. The kids love to be around their dads, who partake wholeheartedly in their daily activities.

Such participation of dads with their kids in their day-to-day efforts creates a sweet memory, to be cherished later in the future, by both of them.

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Unlike moms, dads may not show tears in their eyes, but they also feel great pain when the child hurts himself or herself.

Dads are the best heroes to be morally idolized by the children, who look up to them for their every need, be it physical, or emotional.

If moms provide tenderness, then dads show sternness and provide the walls of security from outside to their children.

For the psychological development of a child, the role of both mom and dad is equally important. Both teach values to their kids who follow them all through their lives to remain stable and successful.

Even when dads are no longer with us, they permanently reside in our hearts, minds, and souls. They become the guiding light for every challenge we face in life, as long as we survive.

Pic Courtesy: Woman’s day


-Shashi Thakur

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    1. shashi0thakur13

      Sure, a dad is always his daughter’s first love… Thanks for resonating, dear❤… sending love and hugs🥰

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