Planet Over Profit

Consider Planet over Profit
Consider Planet over Profit
Consider Planet over Profit, Use the 3Rs , a motivational blog towards global warming awareness by Sudipta Mishra

World Earth Day is a reminder for us to consider Planet over Profit, to be alert about the drastic changes that the entire sphere is facing with hazardous consequences. 

Still, there is time at our disposal to curb such callous behaviour towards the blue planet. 

Why are we intentionally destroying ourselves by our hands, by creating a hot wall around the world?  Inside the boiled circle, we are adapting without any choice. 

burning earth globe in dark studio
Creating a hot wall around Earth

Isn’t it ridiculous?  

Why do men deliberately ransack their fortune? 

There is no answer to this mystery! 

Hence, instead of weakening our value system, we should imbibe certain ideologies to change the entire scenario. 

Adopt three Golden rules 

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce 

man in white and green crew neck t shirt
3 Golden Rules, 3 R’s

Reduce global warming by selecting cycles instead of vehicles.

Reuse plastic and equivalent things to lessen the load of industrial units.

Recycle the products for the sustainable development of lives. 

At least embark on the path to control the use of electronic devices by not choosing air conditioners. Try to regulate such non-eco-friendly behaviour towards humanity. Be careful about carbon emissions by opting to work from home and switch from an ultra-modern lifestyle towards a simple life by reducing the impact of technology in our day-to-day life.

Let’s take a pledge to create harmony with nature. Nature has been a great solace for the well-being of humanity. 

From years of research, it has been verified that nature and human beings go parallel with a flow by rendering a supportive hand to each other. Nature plays a vital role in shaping the cognitive as well as physical nourishment of mankind. Spending time in the wilderness gives us immense pleasure that can boost our attention and confidence. For sure nature nurtures our mental health. 

Simply, walking on grass or listening to the cuckoo’s mellifluous song offers us a natural rejuvenation. 

But where are we going? 

We are destroying nature for our self-interests. Although, in pandemic situations, our government has created drastic changes in redeveloping forests of distant regions. 

Due to lack of movement during lockdown, we have curbed the amount of carbon emissions. Still, miles to go before taking an exit from this mechanical world. 

As conscious citizens, we have to take major steps to ensure afforestation instead of encouraging the practice of forest fires without any reason.

As half of our living beings directly or indirectly feed on nature and we don’t have any right to snatch their habitat for our lusty interests. 

Unless and until we make a change in our lifestyle, we cannot obtain a conclusive result regarding this crisis. On this Earth day, let’s get back to our old days when we were in nature’s control. In those days, we were completely dependent on nature. We had never been so cruel to nature. From climbing trees to arranging food and tracing shelters amid the bosom of wilderness, we used to continue our lives with the support of nature. 

Consider Planet over Profit
Consider Planet over Profit

But now, with a monstrous and destructive mindset, we have alienated ourselves from nature. We think of our well-being as a separate entity from nature. By demolishing the forest we want to construct a different Paradise. Amicably, we are inviting our end to such vulnerable activities. 

Still, there is time to change our perception by becoming one with nature. 

Let’s protect our blue planet by preserving the forests and wildlife with a firm promise. Let’s recreate a bond between us. Don’t chase behind an unknown fortune by neglecting the eternal bliss of life.   Do not run after immediate success by mutilating the present natural surroundings like a fool. Let’s not invite our downfall. 

Be single-minded and focus on the current crisis of life like carbon emissions, ecological uncertainty, global warming, destruction of marine life, and the depletion of the Ozone layer. 

Just embrace the wildlife to enlighten the darker effects of deforestation and globalization…

-Sudipta Mishra

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- for Planet over Profit

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