Be Healthy, Stay Happy!
Be Healthy, Stay Happy!
A small motivating note by Maid Čorbić on healthy lifestyle and mental health positivity.
Be Healthy, Stay Happy!
Be Healthy, Stay Happy!

Be healthy and be alone
People want to see the best version
And don’t think of yourself as a freak.
Because you still have everything you want
Love is the meaning of the weapon of life.
Let the market continue to be your degree of happiness.
You don’t let the rainbow beat you
Because it’s still nestled in you.
Be happy for every day you are alive
For some, it is their only greatest wish.
When people say you’re a very bad man
You don’t let them make fun of you.
Because they don’t know what kind of thing is hiding behind the horn of everything.
Rejoice every day and the Sun
Because it always leads to happiness.
The best thing is to love yourself
Love is needed by everyone around us.
We must not be unhappy
Because the reason for life is only hope.
That one day this will pass
Stay healthy and exercise every day
You have a reason to continue living.
Trust yourself more than anyone
A part of your soul is nestled in you
And you are the initiator of your remembrance
Just be who you always are
Don’t be sad
Because love works wonders
And the reason for existence is hope
To practice, we bring ourselves to perfection!

Maid Čorbić

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