One Day, Many Celebrations!!!

One Day, Many Celebrations...
One Day, Many Celebrations...
One Day, Many Celebrations... A poetry so beautiful by Ashu Verma Chaubey
One Day, Many Celebrations...
One Day, Many Celebrations…

With the pious chants and sounds of counch

Celebrations start everywhere

Gudi padwa, Cheti chand, Ugadi

And Chaitra Navratri

Marking the onset of Spring, the most vibrant of all seasons

And the beginning of Hindu New Year

Rejoicing the fresh harvest

Pooja-Archana, Rangolis and Hawans 

Devotees thronging the temples

Appreciating the might of the Almighty

The NavaDurga

Acknowledging the power of nature

The power of mother, the creator

Moreover the Victory of good over evil

Bowing to the supreme force

The ParaBramha

Such is the spirit of

Our Unity in Diversity that

Inspite of being so different

Inspite of belonging to different cultures and religions

We all wish each other

We all celebrate together

Enjoy together, Rejoice together

What a better example can there be 

Than our varied festivals 

All falling during the same muhurats

Ashu Verma Chaubey

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