Poem toward spreading awareness to preserve this life giving resource, Water. by Maid Čorbić

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April 15th, 2022 09:15 am

Water is Precious

My places, my world is very strange
for water is the source of a holy life
and that drop opened a new existence for me
and for all the people around us

what kind of waterless life has it become today?
I’m just one little lucky little one
because water is sacred to everyone around me
and I know that water shortages are in the summer season
they create my pain and my soul dangerously
the restlessness in my heart does not cease to beat me
and I know that maybe some things are wrong
but I believe that around the corner of the street

I believe that water is the source of everything in the world
no matter how rationally I spent it
other people do not appreciate it unfortunately
so droughts in rural areas continue to create unhygienic conditions
that disease is spreading at every turn
and I’m just looking for a cry over the sky
to save me from all that time
in a new modal era that shatters me to pieces
and I know the weather has gotten bad today

I believe they are cornering mine
happiness can and must be hidden somewhere
let the heart beat faster than ever
water is a part of my life
because everything can be in this world
I listen to Seneca; water is the source of life
and that is a great sanctuary for me
because it’s all in vain
when I did not meet because there is no water, and the lakes dried up!

Maid Čorbić

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