Interpretation of Red & Black
The interpretation of colours by Maid Corbic.
The interpretation of colours by Maid Corbic.
Interpretation of Red & Black

Those colors of mine that are still constant make me move forward. Every color for me in this world represents something completely new and I am really happy when I still have that handful of great wonderful traces of existence around me. People will lightly say that he is different, but I think that I am still someone and something that finally opens a new door for myself. And the meaning of life is just the hope that the colors of the world will be clearer more than ever.

Red, often a synonym for sincere love that will lightly fade over time, and therefore black is a symbol of sadness and malice. I just believe in myself because I have often told people that I am very strange and that I will never be happy at the bottom but I believe that somewhere far away I still hide my story of truth as well as by opening a new space of life to myself.

I achieved everything with & I believe that happiness is not greater when all the colors of the world are still more than ever and that love every day will be more and more widespread. I just believe that all the colors of the world lead me to the stadium.

I did not trust others around me because the world was very strange to me, but I still believe that the meaning of life is destiny, something that often moves some small bits and blocks of time. I believe that happiness is greater when I share my knowledge with everyone and myself and that the meaning of life is black.

For me, I am very disappointed in my life. Sadness and I have to be strong in a poor layer because people today have become very strange, unfortunately, that all the memories I still want to realize are more and more black. Maybe my love has become very strange, but I think that my destinies are more than ever they are so wonderfully enduring that I can’t go against myself to continue to be happier and happier if my love persists.

I didn’t think that destiny was so bad, but I have to go forward because I’m shaking today. I hope that my happiness can and must be endured if I continue to channel the colors of the world into every sense of life. Love will burn all the memories of the world if I continue to build a smoky pen. Interventions to all parts of the world because I still believe that all the armies of the world will be understandable. None of us knows what fate brings, but we must be aware that all the rhymes will one day be more engrossed than ever, and that in the end, my understanding is that love will change all the memories of this world.

The knowledge that I am still special, gives me hope and the right to be happier than ever because my love is stronger than ever and that understanding everything is just that all the colors of the two are still equally colored.

The sequence of life is to be endless happy in this world which moves and makes me so happy more than ever. I need to realize that my life is good when I share some deepest loves full of traces and that makes me happy more than ever in this nowhere land. I also want to feel that my majesty’s endless goodness character is goodness splendid colors just like red and black. Red for love and black for loss. It was good, still life when I share some love to myself which dried up!

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