Guessing Game!!!!

Nancy Drew😄
Nancy Drew😄
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Nancy Drew😄
Nancy Drew😄

After a long debilitating week, I planned to meet my gang of girls at a pub on a Saturday evening.

The impatient me reached the pub way before the decided time. I grabbed a stool, sat near the bar, and started scanning the area and people around. The pub was not much crowded. Of course, how can it be, it was just seven in the evening.

My wandering eyes saw an elegantly dressed couple, maybe in their mid-fifties. At another table sat an old lady, with a girl and a man. They seemed to be man and wife in their early thirties. Their dress and jewellery were glistening in the pub lighting. What caught my attention was the diamond-studded necklace festooning the neck of the old lady. It was so unique and sophisticated.

I found myself quite casually dressed in front of those people who had come to a pub in glamorous dresses as if they were there to attend a marriage ceremony. I found them overly dressed for a pub. I was wondering how this pub today had become a family get-together venue. My eyes then fell on a handsome hunk sitting a few stools away from me and staring at the entry.

A smile adorned my face thinking that he might be waiting for his date.

My attention got diverted towards some motion at the entry. I was sure that my friends had arrived but, there entered a girl in a golden off-shoulder glamorous gown and a well-suited man. Though they didn’t seem to fit together as a couple, still you never know. Love is blind and age is not a constraint for people in love. By the way, they were not even looking good as a couple. Anyways, sannu ki.

Suddenly, I saw the girl looking at the man sitting on the stool and the man winked at her. She smiled and kept moving with her man. They didn’t go near the man at the stool. Rather, they took a seat at the extreme corner.

My dirty mind smelled of extramarital affair. Of course, the man by her side was not even complimenting her. She sure was not happy with him. That’s why despite being with him, she was smiling at a stranger.

Then I saw the man with the girl nod at the man on the stool. They knew each other???? Oh God!!!  Affair with husband’s friend???  Or is there something else I am missing out on?

Then all three of them looked at the old lady.

OMG!!! Is there some conspiracy going on to steal that diamond-studded necklace? The Nancy Drew in me was wide awake and alert now.

When I was lost in my thoughts, a hand patted my shoulder and a little scream escaped my lips. My gang of girls had arrived. I hugged them. Seeing me palpitating, they asked me the reason.

I told them all about my observances. One of my friends teased, “Stop being a  Bollywood movies buff. No Dhoom is going on over here. Common, let’s go and order some shots

Though I was with my gang of girls, my eyes were still meandering around. That man was continuously staring at the girl in the gown.

I again saw him wink at her and at that time, she pointed towards the old lady. This confirmed my suspicion.

They sure are robbers planning to steal that necklace”, I whispered to my gang.

In an attempt to warn the staff without any solid proof, I called a waiter.

Before I could say anything, I saw the man on the stool, the girl in the gown with the man by her side, the couple in the mid-fifties, all gathering around where the old lady was sitting.

My curiosity was exacerbated and I stood up to see what was going on. I couldn’t see much but could hear some cheering sounds.

What’s going on?” I asked the waiter.

“Ring ceremony”, he replied.

What!!!!”, I shrieked.

I went near that table and saw the man on the stool sliding a platinum ring in the middle finger of the girl in the gown. So, the man with whom she had come was not her husband. Thank God!!! He didn’t even match her personality.

My friends mocked, “ Contented now,  Nancy Drew.”

The old lady was the mother of the man, the couple sitting with the old lady was his sister and brother-in-law.

The couple in their mid-fifties were the parents of the girl and she had entered the pub with her brother.

I felt embarrassed at my Bollywood-influenced mind.

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