The Chichi Clan and its Crusades

Chi-Chi Saga
Chi-Chi Saga
A light-hearted funny banter of a kid and his chi-chi (potty) saga. Enjoy the hilarious read by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Chi-Chi Saga
Chi-Chi Saga

Every morning, Mr. Dubey would fanatically linger for an hour or so on his terrace but retrieve dolorously like a defeated player.

But today, was the day of victory, and holding his victory cup in hand, he ran downstairs jumping two stairs at a time. Today, he succeeded in his endeavours of so many days. The wait was finally over. Mrs. Dubey screamed aloud, “ Be careful”

Enthused like a small baby, he knocked at the door of his son’s room. Her half-asleep, half-awake daughter-in-law, Amrita opened the door.

Without wasting even a second to reciprocate her morning wish, he darted to where his son, Rakesh, and about-to-be-two grandson, Ansh were sleeping.

He clambered on the bed and looked at his victory cup – a small sparrow which he had finally caught today. He euphorically brushed the beak of the sparrow to Ansh’s lips.

Then, he kissed Ansh on his forehead and gleamed. While returning to set the bird free,  he bragged proudly, “Now, my grandson will speak and you will see, he will speak a lot”

Nobody knows the scientific rationale behind this but, Ansh, who spoke just a few words till now, started exhibiting an incredible pace in learning and using words.
Along with it, his imagination too got wings and the once serene child became a chatterbox, a chatterbox from whom and whose tales, everybody strived to hide.

Time flew and he started going to school.

One fine morning, his mom- dad too were in the queue to empty their bowels, but he was taking particularly long in the loo.

Beta, be quick. We too need to use the loo”, Rakesh called out controlling his pressure.

Wait dad or use the Indian pot, it will take me some time. My chi-chi is throwing tantrums today”, he reciprocated from inside.

His parents had to finally use the other loo. He was still inside even when both his parents had relieved themselves.

When he came out exhausted, his mom asked, “What took you so long? I know it’s Sunday but that doesn’t mean that you will sit there all day long.”

Mommy today’s chi-chi clan made its exit leaving behind a small chi-chi. I was trying to convince the small chi-chi to join its clan”, Ansh shared his loo struggles with his mom while washing his hands.

Perplexed, his mom asked while handing him his pants, ” And how did you do that?”

I told the small chi-chi which was still inside my tummy that it is peak hours. A lot of chi-chi clans might be in the route. If it won’t come out now to join its clan, then it will get separated from its clan forever. It got scared and finally left my tummy to join its family”, he narrated the whole story while wearing his pants.

Amrita and Rakesh looked at each other and controlled their urge to laugh or else they would have to listen to his speech.

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