Dinner date in black

Date in Black Dress!
Date in black dress, a tease read by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Date in Black Dress!

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil

Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Recklessly, I put aside the chopping chore and dabbed my hands with a towel as I heard my cell phone chiming this melody.

This symphony meant his call. Every time this soundtrack tinkles on my mobile, my heartbeat misses a beat and the crescent moon adorns my face leaving its blue abode.

I gushed from the kitchen towards my room where my mobile was humming somewhere inside my half-open blanket.

I impatiently fought with my blanket to snatch away my mobile from its clutches and received his call, taking deep breaths.

“Hello,” I said gasping.

“Hi, honey, what took you so long to pick up the call? You know I get restless,” he conveyed his grudge.

His mellifluous voice was music to my ears. I wanted him to keep mumbling but it was my turn to respond. “Sorry”, I uttered and laid down on the bed crushing the blanket beneath me in vengeance.

“Honey, the black dress I wanted to see you in is now available along with the black lingerie and diamond studs. May I have the honour of having dinner with you tonight? Would you wear it for me to our dinner date”, his lascivious tone made me wet.

“Hmmmm”, is all how the bashful I could respond.

“Alright then, you will receive the parcel soon. Can’t wait to see you, my gorgeous”, he blew a kiss into the phone and disconnected.

I kept lying there still clutching the phone. His voice and yearning to see me in black already helped me achieve the big O. He had that effect on me even when we both were now 40+.

The doorbell rang. My adrenaline soared at the thought of the parcel. Still, I kept lying there blushing.

The doorbell rang again and again and again. I woke up in a jiffy. I could hear my heartbeat, it was thumping boisterously. I looked around. My husband was sleeping beside me. I was all wet. Reality dawned upon me. He again visited me in my dreams. Today, again it was the same moonless night when once, he had bade me his final goodbye. Does he regret so? That’s why he returns every moonless night.

Reluctantly, I got off the bed to see who was at the door. It was the milkman and with this, started my daily chores.

After sending off my husband to the office and kids to school, I sat down reminiscing those love-filled marvellous days. No doubt, I have a wonderful and loving family now but aaj b wo bahut yaad ata hai.

He still rules my dreams, if not the real life.

The moments spent with him are still fresh in my memory.

His thought still makes me smile and make me feel shy.

I still remember his phone number by heart.

I can still see his face, his smile, his style when I close my eyes.

I am still in love with him, even after 20 years of separation.

I regret hamaari adhuri kahaani and I think somewhere I too am still there in his memories. Maybe that’s why he keeps on showing up in my dreams, if not in reality.

I am in love with you to date.

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