Love-A beautiful Feeling!

Love-A Beautiful Feeling!
Love-A beautiful Feeling!
Meaning of true love in the words of Binod Dawadi
Love-A Beautiful Feeling!
Love-A beautiful Feeling!

Love is the feeling of the heart. When anyone falls in love their heart stops to beat. They forgot about their family, friends, and this world. They want to enjoy with each other by not caring about this materialist world. They, the lovers want to hug each other and pass their time. They want to kiss and love each other. They wanted to fulfill their dreams and desires. They want to go to very far places from the cities, which will be very much peaceful and beautiful.

They don’t want to do work. They forgot about their duties and responsibilities. They are doing spiritual and true love. Their souls are connected. Their body’s feelings are also connected. They are in the romantic mode. Looking at the eyes of each other, loving each other very much honestly and deeply. Feeling the rhythm of the heart, mind, body, and soul. Feeling the feelings of each other. Always loving and caring for each other.

They are doing the love which is beyond imagination, beyond our thoughts. Neither one has done such kinds of love to each other neither will do. Their love will be immortal. Their life passes by doing this love. They never leave each other. They are lovers.

The love of Romeo and Juliet. The love of Hamlet. The love is like that of the Gatsby. The love is like that of Miss Julie. The love is like that of William Shakespeare. The love like of the Leonardo da Vinci. The love like of the Harry Potter. The love like of the Spider-Man.

The love which can win this world is the love that has the healing powers of two souls. The love which listens to the pain and happiness of another soul. The love in which always there is sadness, always there is happiness. Always caring and loving each other. Never giving to fall the tears of the lovers. Never hurting each other. Always loving only. If in any case difficulties and troubles arises in their life then help each other, never take the wrong paths.

Never scolding in any breaths of life. Never making alone to the lovers. Never give up the hopes and dreams of life at any stage of life. The lovers will be connected spiritually. They know what is going on in the mind of another. What can be done? The correct decisions, the right thoughts, confidence. They believe and trust each other. The most beautiful love. Which doesn’t want wealth, or any status, prestige.

The love that can survive in the streets of the roads. The love that can survive in any wars, starvation or even in death also. In case God steals their life, then also they are waiting for the souls in heaven. They are made for each other, forever. No one can separate them. Their love has the power of spirits.

Blessings and wishes. This is the love. The love, which is praised and worshipped by the Gods also from heaven. The connection of the hearts is so much nicer that they show to us the meaning of love in our life. Their ages or life if faded then also their love will be constant.

Never dies under any circumstances. They love each other so much that their love is beyond these words or beyond imagination. The high quality of spiritual love teaches us the value and moral lesson of love. The lovers are perfect and genius. The four letters only love is not enough in our life to do the love. By knowing what is love we can also do love in our life. So, our love will be spiritual and true love.

©® Binod Dawadi


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