We are Independent Women of Today

Independet Woman
We are Independent Woman of today- A fictional but true to time blogpost by Rekha Mittal Gupta.
Independet Woman

Piercing the darkness of the night, as the Sun showered its first rays, the tranquillity and serenity of the Bhatia family got transformed into a cacophony of not the usual morning humdrum.

Unlike other Sunday mornings, this Sunday morning was reigned by pandemonium.

And why not???

Today was the engagement ceremony of 34-year-old Professor Dr. Malti Bhatia, the elder daughter of Mrs. and Mr. Bhatia.

Owing to her career plans and dreams of getting that Doctor affixed to her name, she had kept her marriage plans at bay for quite some time.

Mrs. and Mr. Bhatia had another 30-year-old daughter, Rachna. Following in the footsteps of her sister, she too was focusing on her career.

Malti was working at one of the esteemed colleges of the University of Delhi and was looking for a life partner who was in the same profession.

The Internet played the role of mediator in this alliance. Malti found a suitable life partner in Professor Dr. Anand who was working in some other reputed university.

Dr. Anand had two elder sisters. Both were married.

After finishing all the morning chores, Mrs. Bhatia called out, “Malti, when will your make-up artist arrive?

Mom, she will come at around 5 pm“, responded Malti.

Hope your dress, jewelry, and accessories are all set. Take the help of your sister and don’t be late. We have to reach the venue by 7 pm”, Mrs. Bhatia asserted.

Yes, mom, don’t worry. Everything is set”, Malti soothed the panic-struck would-be bride’s mom.

Mrs. Bhatia lacked composure about things going smoothly, just like any other bride’s mom at this juncture feels. She was checking the gifts again and again.

The family which used to have breakfast at noon and lunch at 5 pm on Sundays had settled down to have their lunch at 1 pm today. They all wanted to take some rest before getting ready for the function.

As everyone was retiring to their rooms to take a power nap, the doorbell rang. It was 2 pm. They weren’t expecting anyone. All the guests were supposed to arrive directly at the venue.

Mr. Bhatia went to answer the doorbell. As he opened the door, stunned, he blurted, “Arrey, you people?”

“Hello Uncle”, the ladies greeted in unison.

“ Hello, please come inside”, startled Mr. Bhatia asked them inside.

Noticing the two ladies, Rachna looked at Malti, nudged her with the elbow, and taunted, “power nap gai tel lene, let’s welcome them. By the way, any idea why have they come? We are already meeting in the evening so why now?

Malti gave a ‘how do I know‘ look to Rachna and went towards her sisters-in-law who had dropped in unannounced.

Hello didi”, greeted Malti and was about to bend to touch their feet when one of them said, “ Please don’t, it’s ok”

Mrs. Bhatia offered them to sit. But they denied and said, “ We have come to talk to our would-be bhabhi. In the evening, there would be too many guests. We won’t be able to talk comfortably. We wanted to spend some quality time with our bhabhi. That’s why we have come. Hope you don’t mind”

Hiding their bewilderment, Mrs. and Mr. Bhatia affirmed, “No, no, not at all. You are more than welcome”

Then Mrs.
Bhatia asked Malti to take her sisters-in-law – Gunjan and Ridham to her room and called Rachna to the kitchen to help her arrange snacks for the guests.

After entering Malti’s room, Gunjan looked in amazement and cheered, “Wow!!! Bhabhi, you have got good taste and style. Your room is wonderful”

Ridham too appreciated. The three of them sat down on the bed. Meanwhile, Rachna too came with snacks.

While having snacks, Gunjan asked, “How do you commute to college?”

Malti informed, “I drive my car to college”

Ridham said, “But, we have only one car at our place which Bhai takes to college. Then, how will you commute from there? You will bring your old car?”

Gunjan interrupted, “Oh stupid! Why would she bring the old car? She is a professor and earns well. She will bring a new car.”

Flabbergasted Malti didn’t understand where the conversation was heading.

Bhabhiwhat gift are you planning to bring for Anand? And what are you planning to gift your sisters-in-law?” asked Gunjan.

Ridham spoke, “You know I gifted my sister-in-law and her husband a diamond set and diamond ring respectively. To date, I give them invaluable gifts at festivals and occasions.

Gunjan too joined Ridham, “Don’t you remember I gifted Europe tour package to my sister-in-law as a wedding gift on her wedding”

Ridham said, “My parents-in-law had no LCD in their room. I installed smart LCD there. They were so happy”

Gunjan affirmed, “Keeping inlaws happy is in the best interest of bride”

Malti and Rachna were simply nodding towards them. They understood their intentions.

Soon, Gunjan and Ridham took their leave.

It was 4 pm. The four of them were sitting in the dining room. Malti and Rachna told about the entire conversation to their parents.

Mr. Bhatia asked perplexed, “We had a very clear discussion about dowry that day when this relation was finalized. They were strictly against dowry, so how come such crap now?”

“They are still not demanding dowry, they were just talking about small gifts, daddy“, ridiculed Rachna.

Oh, God!!! How will we manage so many expensive gifts? We have to marry off two daughters. How will things work out? We have to reach the venue by 7, we haven’t taken gifts as per their taste” panicked Mrs. Bhatia.

Mom, mom, mom please relax” Malti stood up and held her mom from her shoulders.

Then she looked at her dad and said, “Papa, it’s still not too late. We need to relax and rethink. Only then can we react to the whole scenario

What relax and rethink? We will have to fulfill their hidden demands. Notifying us about their hidden demands was the purpose of their visit“, Mrs. Bhatia was on the verge of breaking down.

“ Mom, fulfilling their hidden demands today won’t satiate their greed forever. We need to rethink this proposal and act accordingly”, Malti declared.

What do you mean? Shall we break off this tie?” asked an appalled Mr. Bhatia

Think wisely dad, by going on with this relation, you will be drowning me in lifelong misery, is this what you want for me.”

Rachna interrupted, “I agree with Malti, dad. We are self-dependent girls, we will get the best alliances. We don’t need to compromise with such voracious people”

But, Malti is 34 and you are 30. You both are way past the marriageable age. When will we get a suitable alliance for you?” Mom broke down

Mom, when the right time and right guy will come, we will get married. We are no burden on anyone. Instead of pushing us to a life of agony, pray for a better future, even if it be in celibacy. We don’t mind that but we won’t succumb to unnecessary demands”, declared Malti on behalf of both the girls.

Mr. Bhatia hugged her girls and said, “ I am proud of you”

Malti called her make-up artist to cancel the appointment.

Mr. Bhatia called Anand’s parents to call off the tie.

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  1. The traditions are somewhat hard for me to follow being an American, but I understand the overall sentiments. I’m a 40-year-old-bride. I called off 2 engagements before (once in my young 20s, again not so long ago in my mid-30s) and didn’t accept a 3rd proposal. I’m GLAD I waited to say yes to this one. Today is our 6-month-a-versary! Beforehand, I was told that I must’ve chosen “career over marriage” – as your blog mentions. I think it’s terribly unfair that women who don’t get married in their 20s are viewed as “unmarryable.” Like old maids who can’t be married off beyond 30. Our world is changing. And though traditions and cultures will still play their role in our love lives, I think it is completely within a woman’s power to choose when it’s the right time (if it ever is) for her to choose a life mate. And she can have a completely fulfilling life if she never marries, if she never has kids, if she has kids but doesn’t marry (not my situation but many women in the US and worldwide face that life every day)….her path is her path. Cheers to you and whatever path you choose! Independent women can successfully get married, have great careers, run businesses and all of that. Because we’re just that smart, capable and talented to do it.

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