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importance of a small act of kindness and humanity
Importance of a small act of kindness and humanity
importance of a small act of kindness and humanity by Harshita Udani

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February 15th, 2022 01:16 pm

importance of a small act of kindness and humanity
Importance of a small act of kindness and humanity

It was a lovely Sunday morning and after a light lazy breakfast, we decided to visit my mom. It’s always an exhilarating thought to go to moms.

We quickly got ready and left. On the way, we were relishing over the thought of having Undhiyu, the traditional Gujarati delicacy of winters. And to give it an icing on the top, mom was also going to make my favourite Gajar ka halwa.

We were almost halfway, when suddenly in the middle of the highway, on the overbridge we saw a kitten right in the middle of the road. It was tiny and was scared and had curled up to stay safe amongst the speeding vehicles flow. My hubby and I both spotted it from a distance and our immediate reaction was OMG! What is the tiny thing doing here? But instead of having conversations on it, we quickly decided to halt and help the kitty. My hubby immediately pulled over. Yes, the traffic was affected by us suddenly stopping on the highway, but we cared less. Our priority was that the kitty shouldn’t be run over. Since the car was halted a little ahead from where the kitten was, my hubby stormed out of the car and ran towards it. He immediately took the kitty in his arms. It was hurt and bleeding on its leg and so we decided to take it to a vet.

We left the kitty in safe hands and got back on the road. But now we just couldn’t think of the delicious food or moms’ pampering, which we are so lucky to have. All we could think of was, what was a kitty doing there alone? How it reached there? Why didn’t any motorist stop by to help the poor soul? Is this human to ignore and move on with our lives? Don’t all living creatures have an equal right to live? Would we even pass by seeing a fellow human in such a scenario? Where is Humanity?

I strongly believe and have always followed when I say Humanity First. If we really can’t be human, no religion or anything else is going to matter. I’m seriously aghast by the thought that the life of the cutie wasn’t prioritized over whatever we were busy rushing towards. I would only humbly bring it to the notice of those humans that we are blessed with a superior sense and power to other creatures on the planet. We must take the gift and put it to the best use possible. We were given the gift to be Human, but having Humanity is our Choice!

There are many fights of which religion is good or best. But I say Humanity tops it all.


PS: Purely my views and am very sentimental with the situation, so please forgive if my thoughts don’t resonate.

But if you do share my views do drop in your comment and share this piece forward to share the importance of a small act of kindness and humanity. Thank you, friends.

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  1. shashi0thakur13

    Such a heartwarming account, dear ❤… I resonate with your views that humanity or compassion comes first… It’s our utmost duty to take care of the voiceless creatures around us or when we come across them 🤗

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