Become a Santa of someone’s life!

Story of Christmas, in the words of Rekha Mittal Gupta


Had I been living a life of lie till now?” queried an eight-year-old Samuel to his mom, Tabitha who was occupied assembling ingredients for baking cakes to be gifted to relatives on Christmas.

Awestruck, she turned around. While wiping her hands on the apron, she quipped “What happened, honey? Why do you say so?”

“My friends say there is no Santa Claus. It’s honestly our parents, who keep the gifts beside our beds at night”, he conveyed the knowledge he obtained from his friends.

Tabitha came near Samuel, knelt to his height, cupped his face in her palms and asked, “Yes, my boy. We parents put gifts for our kids. But, do you want to know about the real Santa?”

He nodded his head. Tabitha scooped him in his arms, sat him down on the kitchen counter and while whisking the batter, she narrated, “There was a very rich man, named Nicholas who helped the poor and the needy. Because of his kindness, he was made a Saint. And later, he became popular as Santa Claus who surreptitiously hid gifts for the needy.”

Did he hide the gifts in the stockings? Is that the reason we hang stockings?” asked the inquisitive Samuel.

There is a story behind this as well. There was a poor man who had no money to marry his three daughters. One night, Nicholas secretly threw a bag of gold coins down the chimney and into the house. The bag fell into a stocking that had been hung by the fire to dry. The man married his first daughter with that. Nicholas did the same the next year and the man married his second daughter. Now, the man became curious to know who his secret pal is. He hid by the fire every evening till he found out about this Angel. When he found Nicholas to be his secret angel, Nicholas requested him not to disclose this to anyone. But, soon the word spread and that is how the tradition of hanging stocking came into existence.”

Mom, if we keep gifts secretly at some needy person’s home, then can we also be called Santa”, inquired the now zealous Samuel.

Yes, of course, my son. Is there anyone you know who needs help?”, asked Tabitha.

Yes mom, my friend’s parents lost their jobs and they are left with meagre savings. I want to make their Christmas a beautiful one by gifting them eatables, a Christmas tree and some clothes. Also, mom, while returning home from school, I see a few homeless people who are always shabbily dressed. My heart cries for them. Can we do something to help them all?” asked Samuel.

We can, but we too are not very rich. So, we will need help. How are you gonna contribute to becoming the real Santa?” inquired Tabitha.

Whatever gift you have planned for me, use that money to buy necessities for them and also take all my savings from the piggy bank. From this Christmas onwards, I want to play Santa Claus for all the needy persons”, Samuel declared.

His mom did as she was told. He then wore the clothes of a Santa Claus and put gifts outside his friend’s house and went away.

He also kept some eatables and other necessities to help the homeless people he saw while returning from school.

His teachers came to know about this gesture of Samuel and he was applauded by the school for his generosity and compassion. The school started a charity box in his name in which kids could deposit any amount they wish and that amount was used every year during Christmas to help the poor and needy.

Little Samuel became Santa Samuel. Do you also want to become one? Try out, it will give you the true joy of Christmas celebrations.

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