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A Bond So Right!

A Bond So Right! by Dr. Arwa Saifi
A Bond So Right!

Beneath the same sky, two stars shine bright,

Brother and sister, a bond so right.

In moments of joy and in times of despair,

They stand by each other, a duo so rare.

From childhood to grown-up, they navigate life,

A partnership strong, overcoming all strife.

Through dreams and ambitions, they cheer and they guide,

A connection so deep, forever side by side.

In laughter and teasing, their bond finds its glee,

A symphony of love, a lifelong spree.

Brother and sister, a tale to be told,

A treasure of togetherness, more valuable than gold.

-Dr. Arwa Saifi
A Bond So Right!
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A Bond So Right!
A Bond So Right! by Dr. Arwa Saifi
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The Momma Clan
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