CONFESSION TIME by Boluwatife Alabi

My pretty nameless lady on beautiful red gown,

Slow for me a bit and let me look at you from top to down,

I am strong yet seems powerless when you’re around,

What magic is that please let me know.

Here and there i always run just to say some words to you,

Like the sun attract the energy of the earth,

So thy prettiness always calls my soul nearer to thee.

What charm have you casted on thy soul,

I want my soul to shift into thy soul,

Who and how can I perform this alchemy of soul.

Pass me by not oh my beautiful damsel,

Come to me before my soul run wild

Save my longing throat from dying dry.

Oh my goddess nameless lady,

My words aren’t like mark on the sea,

My words are real and truth like the storm on the sea.

I love you yes I mean it,

Believe mine words for I speak the truth not like others,

Be mine as my heart long for you like summer always long for rain,

Hear my confession of love and save me from this loveless pain.

-Boluwatife Alabi

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