Parenting – A Beautiful Journey

Parenting by Arti Mathur

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

–Oscar Wilde

Parenthood is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it’s tough too. Raising a child can be draining both physically as well as mentally. With each passing year, responsibilities change according to the age of a child. While a newborn requires time and a lot of attention, a teenager requires the emotional support of parents. Among all these, parents who practice patience and have good control over their own emotions are successful in raising a happy and healthy child.

Studies say, “Children who were happy in their childhood turn out to be happy individuals.”

So, what kind of parenting actually works best to raise a happy child? Well, trust me, it’s not rocket science.

There are a few tips through which any parent can raise a happy child:

* Love your children unconditionally. Don’t ever compare or criticize them. Appreciate them for what they are.

* Always respect their feelings. Something which appears insignificant to you could mean the world to your child.

*Stay happy and cheerful. Studies say parents who live happily and are contented are more likely to have happy and healthy children.

*Appreciate the tiniest effort. Words of appreciation and encouragement enhance self-confidence and can become stepping stones in their success.

*Teach your child to accept failures and deal with them. Tell them to always be optimistic.

Don’t be a helicopter parent. Stop following them everywhere every time.

*Let your child fight their own battles. Guide them, but stop doing too much for them. Let them learn life skills. Give them space.

* Play with them. Take them out into nature. It will increase their knowledge and they will learn to love and take care of nature.

*Last but not least, nurture social skills. Reward and motivate when they help others and show empathy. When they exhibit good values like talking politely or showing respect to the elderly,

Studies show that parents who teach their children to find joy in the small things of life, to handle their emotions well, and to be content raise happy, healthy, and responsible individuals.

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-Arti Mathur

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