Our Message to the World, Hidden in our Celebration

Message to the World
Message to the World
Our Message to the World, Hidden in our Celebration by Ashu Verma Chaubey
Message to the World
Message to the World

Representing proudly Unity in Diversity
From the Wilds of East to the Dances from West
From Dal of Kashmir to Temples of South
Numerous Illustrations, Unique Tableaux
The Amalgamation of varied Cultural
Religious and Scientific thoughts
Children Dancing to Patriotic Melodies
Units of Soldiers Parading on foot and Horses
Grand Air-show of super-strength and might
Displaying how effectively our Airforce
Guards our skies
Of Brahmos and other Super-missiles
Army men in various Formations on bikes
Assuring, that they are Guarding us
While we sleep peacefully, be it day or night.

Chakras Vir and Param-Vir
Awarded to families bereaved, but heads held High
Saluting to our pride on JanaGanaMana
Amidst Tricolour balloons Adorning The Skies
That’s the beauty of our vibrant, electrifying and highly energetic
Republic Day Parade
The Republic day isn’t just another day to sit back and enjoy.
It’s much more.
It’s the festival of celebration of the Glory of India, the pride of our nation.
The day to celebrate our nationalism and our constitution.

The Republic Day Parade isn’t just a show of our strength and varied culture to the world.
Rather, it’s an expression of amalgamation of our faith in our religion and our culture blended
finely with the advanced developments in various fields of science and technology backed by
our perseverance to achieve the unachievable.

Our vision to measure the length and breadth of the skies
Our mission to explore the depths of oceans
Our efforts to mark and guard our limits, trespassing which is next to impossible for any evil-eyed invader
And our message loud and clear that
We are Invincible
We are Unbeatable
We are the ones who have the potiental to make our mark on the world map

We are citizens of our proud nation who own the responsibility to guard our Motherland, come
what the circumstances may be
Day or night, twenty four by seven
All round the year
That we have once again achieved the power to lead and guide the world
With our perception, insight and innovative imagination.
That we are the ones, who were, are and will always be
Amongst the best in this world

Wishing all my fellow proud Indians
A Very Happy Republic Day
And A Very Bright Future ahead

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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