Grandparents’ House

Today is Sunday, which means me and my younger brother able to visit my grandparents’ house. We are both on cloud nine and why not?

In my opinion, My grandparents are lovely and understandable. As my little brother says “We have the best grandparents in this world.”


Grandma!!” That’s my brother. He’s very close to grandma. Obviously I, grandpa’s little granddaughter. “Kids! Don’t bother grandma and grandpa” our parents advised us already. How could we take off those words from our minds?

My sweethearts! Let’s eat something” as grandma said, she kept a plate of sourdough pastries and watermelon juice on the dining table. My little brother and I really dislike eating sourdough pastries. However, my grandma has magic hands. Yummy! Yummy! We ate more today because of grandma’s delicious cooking skills. 

My pretty angel ” grandpa always confessed that while pecking my cheeks. Even my grandma says to my little brother “my handsome sweetheart”. I felt, no more sorrow here because we are in my grandparents’ home. We couldn’t have so much freedom in our own house. For us, here, it is like heaven. 

adorable children lying on little pillows

We lay down in the meadow while staring at the sky. 

Come here, kids! We have something to show you” as my grandma said, we came towards them and sat down on their laps. “Grandma! What’s that?” my younger brother questioned. “Grandpa! Is that a fairytale book?” this time I questioned. However, they both softly giggled and nodded as “No. Kids! This is your mom’s childhood picture album” grandma responded.

 “Wow” that’s what my ‘lil brother & I exclaimed. Grandpa quickly flipped the pages “Look! How cute your mom” he said that pointing to mom’s childhood pic. “This is your mom’s first day of pre-school” grandma remarked. We were both confused looking at mom’s childhood pictures because mom looked so cute and different when she was a child. Slowly, our grandparents and we watched pictures. “Oh, mommy!” We both laughed loudly with our grandparents. “This pic is from when she was 3 years old, she was really like watermelon, look! Her boxy smile “Grandma admired her cuteness. “Mommy! Eat well” my ‘lil brother makes us laugh again and again. 

person in white shirt holding white printer paper
Photo Album

Slowly we came to the final page of the album. We both stare for a few minutes in excitement because it was my mom’s graduation picture “My sweeties!” grandpa mouthed. “Look..!how much your mom hard work for her dream, just like her and dad…study well right?” Grandpa urged us, kissing both of us. “Yeah!!!! We will!!” We both screamed and were determined to study well just like our parents. 

-Githmini Kaushalya Munaweera 


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