Tale of  Spring

Tale of Spring
A beautiful Thematic Poetry on SPRING by S. Afrose
Tale of Spring

Suddenly a change is occurred on earth

A sweet tune can hear at last.

Everything changes for a new art

The new ward of nature’s heart.

What’s that whisper

Quivering state of heart-

Suddenly it’s stopped

Amorous touch of love!

Come to see this verse of paradise

Eccentric sights for capturing all hearts.

Melody of love is rising from every site

Angelic birds are chirping everywhere.

All are ready to welcome her

A queen is coming with a new trend.

Who is she — wow !what a majestic plot!

A bouquet of lovely dreams with eternal slots.

The beauty is so unique like a magical realm

All over can see only merriness dances.

Eternal hues and meadow of love

Zephyr creates the soulful earth.

No more restrictions no more fear

Chillycold wave can’t stay in heart.

The astonished art within nature’s heart

Don’t make it wrong like a mirage ward.

It’s the miracle of God’s blessing touch

Seasonal welcome for the queen of nature.

Name is so sweet just a fairy story

Spring comes with the golden crown finally.

Decorate all hearts with blissful arts

By forgetting the shivering effects of winter

Embrace wisdom for a lively life

It’s time to sing and dance as butterfly’s lovers.

S Afrose

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