I Scold Because I Care

Life revolve around gadgets
Unfortunately, my son falls in the second category which frustrates me a lot. I was and I am angry because I am concerned. Why doesn't he understand this? I don't wish him wrong, why can't he see this? Tell me, friends, what can I do to make him understand. -Rekha Mittal Gupta
Life revolves around gadgets-blogpost by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Life revolves around gadgets

The more we run away from something, the more it comes closer to us. 

This has happened with all of us at some or the other stages of our lives. But, this time, all we parents are sailing in the same boat.

The more we used to keep our kids far away from electronic gadgets, the more such gadgets have become an integral part of their lives. There was a time when we used to scold them for using these gadgets in excess, but now, we ourselves, reluctantly provide them with such devices. Our kids are online for most of their day – online classes, online tuition, online curricular activities, online entertainment. There seems to be no way out.

Their eyes and health are getting adversely affected. Obesity and eyesight problems are on the rise. When things were normal, there was a proper schedule and discipline in our kids’ lives. Everything from waking up till sleeping at night was properly scheduled and kids used to follow that timetable religiously.

Fear of getting scolded by teachers made them do their homework without coaxing from parents. Going out to play in the evening maintained their physical health and kept them away from gizmos. I don’t remember, persuading my kid for each and everything he was supposed to do. I don’t remember asking him to study, to complete his homework, to prepare for tests, to set his bag, to brush his teeth, and so on.

But now, I have to push him for everything. It’s a task to part him away from his laptop. Initially, the usage was not much and my son even used to listen to me. But, after being confined in the four walls of the home for almost two years (thanks to pandemic), he has become irritable, aggressive, and frustrated.

Keeping in mind his physical and mental wellbeing, I chalked out an exercise routine. I included eyes exercise also in it. But daily, I have to nudge him for the exercise. He is not willing to even take a glass of water on his own.

I wonder how much smothered the bed feels crushed under him the whole day. He is not even taking his studies and examinations seriously. On the whole, his performance is deteriorating day by day in academics as well as health-wise.

One day, I lost my cool and yelled at him, “If you don’t want to study, be it. It’s your life, your wish. But at least, take care of your own body. Absence of exercise in your daily schedule will rust your body parts and weaken them. Your face doesn’t have anyone else’s, but your own eyes. Take care of them.” I have observed that there are two kinds of kids – one who are using this lockdown period and online system to the best of their advantage and are grooming themselves up, learning new things, exploring new venues. And the other set is becoming lazy, careless, and irritable. 

Unfortunately, my son falls in the second category which frustrates me a lot. I was and I am angry because I am concerned. Why doesn’t he understand this? I don’t wish him wrong, why can’t he see this?

Tell me, friends, if I ask him to study, am I wrong? If I ask him to exercise, am I wrong? If I ask him to wash his eyes, am I wrong? If I ask him to brush his teeth twice a day, am I wrong? If I ask him to limit gadget usage, am I wrong?

Tell me, friends, what can I do to make him understand.

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2 thoughts on “I Scold Because I Care”

  1. I know that it’s a big concern if your kid doesn’t listen to you, even when told about the hazards… Try to warn him that his gadgets will be taken away from him if he doesn’t obey you, of course, after his online classes.
    Great writeup, dear ❤👍

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