Life is Not About Stressing

Live Stress free. breathe in breathe out and follow granny's guideliness.
Live Stress-free
Dear friends Nowadays the competition is very high. Children remain under mental stress. If ever you find a difference in the behaviour of the child, then you should be alert and show the right direction in time. If you find the bog worthy, do grace it with your heart and comments
Live Stress free. breathe in breathe out and follow granny's guideliness.
Live Stress-free- Practice Mindfulness

Lockdown, staying at home, total societal cut-off, constant fear of getting trapped in the clutches of the deadly disease had a scathing impact on the sanity of people, especially youngsters.

One such youngster was Suhani, a very promising student. Since childhood, she was fond of studies and considered herself proficient in studies. She passed her XII Board examinations with flying colours and got admission in the college of her choice. After she completed two years in college, our country was declared hit by the pandemic, and the lockdown was imposed.

Online studies, online examinations, no adequate coaching took a toll on her results and her performance dropped down in a final year.

Nevertheless, she started preparing for the entrance exams for further studies. Meanwhile, her family was gripped by corona. It took her about a month to recover from the disease. A month got wasted, still, she didn’t lose hope and toiled arduously on her own, to prepare for these examinations. But to her dismay, she couldn’t crack the entrance. Unable to cope with the setback, she became a victim of anxiety and depression. Gradually, her mental condition started getting worse. When she tried killing herself, realizing the gravity of the situation, her parents sought medical intervention. Unfortunately, that too proved futile.

Her grandmother came to know about her condition. After getting vaccinated, she left everything in the village and came to her granddaughter. When everyone had given up on Suhani, when Suhani herself had also given up on herself, then her grandmother came to her rescue and took charge of the situation.

To create a positive aura in the house, her grandmother would sing bhajans day and night. Never talked to Suhani about her studies or future, but she would keep on telling her various small inspirational stories. Playing OM tune, she would massage her head, hands, and feet. Whenever Suhani would cry, she would become a good listener to her woes.

After some time, when there was some improvement, she started taking Suhani out for a walk in the park in the mornings, getting her to do yoga, making her sit for meditation. At night, she would make her sleep with the help of ‘yoganidra’.

When Suhani’s condition further improved a bit, she coaxed her to prepare for the entrance examinations again. At first, Suhani was apprehensive, but then she asked her grandmother, “Will you stay with me always?”

Her grandma’s consent boosted her confidence. She started preparing for entrance examinations. This time Suhani cracked the entrance examinations but didn’t get admission to the college of her choice. But this time, she did not get into depression.

She was mentally prepared for any kind of outcome. Very wisely, her grandmother had also got her enrolled in distance education. She took up a job while pursuing further studies in distance education. Her granny guided her that after 2 years, when her post-graduation would complete, she would be better off with two years of working experience and an MBA degree in hand. This way, Suhani came out victorious from the evils of despondency, diffidence, anxiety, and depression.

Some of the things that her grandmother explained to her were of great help to her.

First– Make plans. Be prepared with alternate plans, if one plan fails.

Second – Keep yourself mentally and physically fit. For that, it is necessary to practice yoga and meditation.

Third– Never compare yourself with others in life.

Fourth – Never give up. If you fall, you should get up again.

Fifth – Learn from the mistakes of the past, but never carry the guilt or failures of the past.

Sixth – Dying is not the solution for anything.

Seventh – You should try your best to come out of your dilemmas and should do so, if not for yourself, then for your loved ones.

Eighth – Love yourself, never stop trusting yourself.

Ninth – Remember that everything is not made for everyone. If you do not get what you want even after trying hard, then infer that it is not meant for you.

Tenth and most important  – God is with you at every moment of your life. Have invincible faith and go on holding his finger.

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  1. shashi0thakur13

    A very well-penned inspiring blog, dear… on anxiety issues that grip the youngsters… and realistic solutions on how to cope with them.

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