A miracle called Ponu….. Part 2

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A miracle called Ponu..... Part 2 by Ashu Verma Chaubey
A miracle
A miracle

Hi everyone,
Aap sabko Ponu ki Maa ka namaste….

So is my baby striking your emotional chords?? If yes, which I’m sure he is, then please shower your blessings on him as you continue to know about him.

Anyways let’s continue on his tough journey ahead in the hospital…………
Even after he had been shifted to our bedside, various sensors attached his tiny body to the monitors used for continuously analyzing different parameters were continuously beeping and we were required to keep a watch on those parameters day and night. Any dip in levels had to be immediately informed to the doctors.

So, on and off, day or night, he used to keep on alarming us with his cries(mostly due to colic pain) and we were continuously bugging the doctors with our alarms🙈🙈🙈

Time flies and in this case, also we didn’t realize that after months of struggle in the hospital, the time when he would be discharged and we would take him home had finally come.

He was around 1.4 kg, when we brought him home after four months of stay in the hospital.
After that, time moved swiftly and I was always busy maintaining their medicine and feed schedules as advised by the doctors.

He, with his share of a weak and underdeveloped digestive system, suffered gastric problems and colic pain every now and then, and we were always equipped with medicines to tackle his vomiting.

About two years later, when the kids started going out for walks in the garden, we observed that his legs and hands would tremble while he would bend or try to pick up something and also that he would always walk on his toes.
A visit to the doctor confirmed mild cerebral palsy, but he was a lucky boy who after going through all those upheavals had just mild symptoms of the condition.

The doctor immediately advised physiotherapy sessions and we had just started with the course of therapy when the Covid pandemic happened and we were all locked inside our houses without any outside help. And under those circumstances, it was next to impossible for us to even properly look after the trio, let alone take care of his exercises. In fact due to the naughtiness of the other two, sometimes we couldn’t even give him proper attention.

But he is the one who never complains.

We know that his muscles might be stiff and he might be at times feeling the pain but he never cries.

We know that he feels bad when he writes slowly as compared to the other two but he tries wholeheartedly.

We know that now he has stared observing that only his hands tremble out of three and he has started to question me also, but I do not know how to respond and just say, “You eat very slowly that is why it happens. Start eating fast and this will not happen” and he accepts the logic innocently.(😊😊😊)

Many times, when he falls sick or run a down high fever or severe running nose or vomitings due to gastric, but he never complains.

Even during Covid he never complained.

When the deadly Delta variant of Covid struck our family due to which his father had to be hospitalised for more than a month, he was the only one who missed him like anything out of them all, but he didn’t utter a word. He just didn’t go near him after he returned and used to silently keep playing in another room and we couldn’t understand why he was behaving that way because pre-covid he had never ever slept without him and always used to be with him whenever he was around.

It was only after some days, my husband came to the playing room and when he took him in his lap that he started crying after hugging him when we could guess how much he missed him. (😶😶😶)

And when he cries, he doesn’t allow us to notice. His eyes shed tears, but his lips smile. And he doesn’t throw tantrums aur make noise and those innocent tears are enough to melt one’s heart.

Though he was born weak as compared to the other two but has the highest tolerance power and has an air of bossy attitude and fearlessness about him.

And yes, he loves to pray and meditate, maybe because he has probably he has had a close encounter with God…

We Lovingly call him Professor Saab for his qualities. Whenever he wants to say something, he calls everyone present in the room by their names for their attention (says Meri baat suno) and won’t start until everyone says “Haan bolo”.

And his rules and regulations manual… Oh, it’s a long one. He might do mischief himself but if the other two do something wrong, he finds out section so and so from the rule book that he has maintained in his mind and tells us about their actions and wrongdoings, citing the previous instructions that had been issued by us regarding their behaviour, which they normally don’t follow (😁😁😁)

His humour and energy levels are at its best at night, and he plays beautifully with his father for an hour or so, before finally dozing off to sleep.

Rightly named Papa’s Ponu by me 😉😉😉

His limitations make him no less competitive than his two younger brothers. He was actually born to be a fighter and…The big brother.

He very quickly befriends all the nannies we have kept until now.

He has the cutest style of talking out of all the three and is a clear-cut favourite of one and all.

And nowadays he has become my favourite too, as he has started sharing a bit of the immense love that he has for his Papa, with me too (🤩🤩🤩)

Dekho abhi abhi phir rule book se bola. (Mumma Monu paani peeke let kyun gayaa, tumne manaa kiya phil bhi)….  😆😆😆😆😆😆

With this I leave you all to feel him, Love him and shower your blessings on him for a happy life.

©Ashu Verma Chaubey ka hai is bacche pe…… 😂😂😂😂

Hope you all like my miracle child and hope that he always keeps on spreading his miraculous smile…….
Aul un dono bachon ti aite hi thikaayatein kalta lahe😘😘😘😘

Forever and ever……


-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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