Gudi-Padwa: The Springtime Festival

Gudi Padwa
A thematic Poetry on Gudi-Padwa: The Springtime Festival by Amrita Mallik
Gudi Padwa

This auspicious Maharastrian festival,
Heralding the arrival of spring,
And, celebrating the reaping of ravi crops,
Coincides with the beginning of the traditional new year,
With colourful rangoli on floor,
With flowers and vibrant colours,
Gudi Pawa, also known as, Samvastar Padyo,
And, Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh,
Is incomplete without dancing, street processions,
And, tasty festival delicacies,
Starting the day with customary oil bath,
And wearing new clothes,
Cleaning and decorating the house,
Finally ending the day with gudi,
Being put at the main entrace of the house,
Or on the window,
Dishes prepared on this occasion,
Puran poli, kaju modak, Poori bhaji, batata bhaji,
Thus, offered as a mark of gratitude,
To the local culture of the place,
And, welcoming the blessings,
Of the divine, and even the ancestors,
The flag of Lord Bramha, symbolised,
To commemorate the first day of creation,
Along with days, weeks, months and time,
Also, depicts the victory of Lord Rama,
Indicating Lord Shiva’s dance,
As the devotees carry Gudi Kavads,
To a nearby or famous Shiva temple,
And, coming together of the community,
This ritual, thus, is celebrated in every household,
To ward off all sorts of evil and negative energies

Amrita Mallik

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