Miss You Papa

The Sound of Silence 🥺 Miss you Dad

The Sound of Silence 🥺 Miss you Dad
Miss You Dad
The Sound of Silence🥺 Miss you Dad. A true heart touching wish of a daughter for her angel dad. Blog by Harshita Udani
The Sound of Silence 🥺 Miss you Dad
Miss You Dad

There was an eerie silence in the day. The bright day wasn’t so bright. I was unable to carry on with the chores in a routine fashion.

Papa, on your birthday today, I wish I could be happy and reminisce about the beautiful years we spent together. But my heart weeps and yearns to be with you.

You loved celebrating Life with zeal and fervor and so I wished to go to mom’s house, in the hope to see you there, being with you, and celebrating this special day. The day, when my angel dad, one like no other, was sent, to give us the best of life that money could never buy. A person with a heart of gold and with so much empathy for all. You were the ocean of love and care that’s beyond compare.

Why did you have to leave so early dad? You were so young and we had so much more to celebrate. So many more memories had to be created.

Life goes on and memories are being made but none made without you in it. Even though you are infinity away, yet we have you close to our hearts, always with us. So much so that your grandkids feel connected to you. The blood ties are indeed so strong they speak volumes. My tiny tot wants to make you a card and my big champ thinks he is sent to me, as you, so I can always have you by my side. Isn’t it amazing how these kids, who haven’t even met you, have such a strong bond and sweet vibes for you? The blood bond and your eternal love is sure so strong and pure.

Even then, I still wish there was a road that would lead to you and I could sprint to you and get you back in our lives. I wish that I get a day with you and then I would never let you go again. I miss you so bad. I want to be with you.🥺 I need you. Words can’t express enough for the loss we feel and the way it shreds our hearts. 

It’s the sound of silence that words can not express. It’s the sound of silence in our lives that your parting away has rendered. It’s the eerie sound of silence in our lives that can never be repressed.

Miss you Dad!

A little promise made to you dear dad, as a gift to our bond, made by your loving daughter, in respect to the sound of silence that needs the hum.

A little girl once promised her dad
She would do anything for him at the drop of a hat.
She never raised an eyebrow to anything he said.
She followed it till and beyond his death.
She yet remembers the unspoken words,
The promise that she gave to those departing eyes
Of keeping the family sound and safe.
She falters and fears of things she may not get right
But he promised her to be always by her side
He always guides her to the light
Both still sharing the esoteric vibe.

Harshita Udani

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5 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence 🥺 Miss you Dad”

  1. shashi0thakur13

    A heartfelt blog!… could relate to my Papa whom I lost five years ago… Sending love and hugs to you 💕💕

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